Bobby Rieman

After learning to play guitar at age 12 in his native Chicagoland, Bobby Rieman’s musical odessey began upon his emigration at age 23 to the Bay Islands of Honduras in 1973, settling on the island of Roatan. In those early years on the island and during the few trips made to the US a harmonica was always in his pocket, being his instrument of choice. His passion to “blow harp” matched the passion he was developing for his new tropical home.

About Bobby
Starting a family in ’75 and learning carpenter work to support the wife and kids, there was always time for music when the opportunity arose. The local bands weren’t very familiar to the sound of a harmonica so he had to learn fast to adapt his sound to the reggae, country and latin style music being played so that he would be welcomed to join in.

In the late 70’s and with the moral support of his family, the chance to play more regularly started with the arrival of some sailor/musicians who found their way through the channel. Gigs and jam sessions ensued during that time in the bars and restaurants primarily in the area of French Harbour. After a 1981 stint in Texas doing carpenter work and a lot of music, Rieman returned to Roatan with a holder for his harp, a guitar, and a determination to try singing for the first time in his life.

After performing primarily solo throughout the ensuing years, the band named TUNU’ was formed in 1996. Along with bandmates Lyle Burke, Sito Hinds, and Wade Forbes the debut CD “Roatanified” was recorded in LaCeiba, Honduras in January 2000. This 2006 CD release entitled "Pulperia Leah" features Burke, Hinds, and eight other musician friends on Roatan, and the superb musicianship and production of Brion James, a pro with a long music career in the US and a newfound island address.

This third recording project took place on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Resident music/producer pro, Brion James, was kind enough to lend his talents and equipment to capture and record these songs as he had done for us on the “Pulperia Leah” album of 2007.

"The songs on this album were written at different periods during the last 33 years I have been performing here on the island. The varied content and subject matter of the individual tunes is directly influenced by life and times here in the northwest Caribbean as has been my great fortune to have lived and experienced it."

Quitting the day job has never been an option, so Rieman and his construction company continue to build fine wood homes on Roatan Island.

The weekends are reserved for making music, and he continues doing just that on a weekly basis. At present the band is playing in West End, West Bay Beach and Sandy Bay.